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Dimar Artwork on the Web

Please, do not copy these pieces without the WRITTEN (or emailed) permission of the creator!! Although they were inspired by Dimar, they are NOT public domain. They are copyrighted to the artist.

The pictures located at the link below (Dee's) are free to use on any kind of website (for profit or non-profit). They can be altered however you need for your own work, and can be used in for-profit enterprises (T-shirts, mugs, etc...) Use Dee's (my) images with my thanks, and if you can, spread the word about! - Dee

Dee Dreslough's Own Dimar Artwork (lots of pics) is here.

  This web page is dedicated to all the people out there who understand sharing, and the need for the public domain -- especially in creative matters such as fiction, fan fiction and artwork.