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Special thanks to the Love Veterinary Center for vaccinations and care for all of our wayward kitten heroes. :)

New Pics! PONKY GOES FILIN' - Shred adventure!
(click for bigger version of each pic) Keep scrolling down for full story on Ponky, and how she can be yours!

Ponky finds my files ponky in action in files ponky in files ponky in files

Ahhh...A job well done!

Job well done!

The Backstory:

Ponky is short for Pumpkin, which is her real full name...but she bounces around the house so much, Ponky seemed a bit more fitting. So, how'd I end up with Ponky? As is so often the case, "human be stupid", as I like to say. Some lady had an unfixed cat. The cat had at least three kittens...I'm not sure how many. She got tired of the kittens, so at 6 weeks... SIX WEEKS...she threw them out on the street. (I actually heard that she literally threw them out a window, but I'm not sure if that's true.) A friend of a friend was able to catch Ponky, but not her two brothers, unfortunately. She brought Ponky to my friend (who'd found all the orphaned kittens from my previous rescue page.) My friend couldn't keep Ponky isolated from her own cats and brought her to me. So, there you have it. Another case of Human Be Stupid. *sigh* But happily, three cases of "Human be hero" - my friend's friend, my friend, and moi. :) And Love Vet for giving me a discount on vacs and exams!

The Personality:

Ponky. What to say about this amazing, adorable little ball of energy? She's playful - bouncing all over the TV room where we keep her isolated. She's curious-- she wants to meet my boys, who view her throurgh our "Portal" - a cat door with a plexiglass cover that lets them see each other but not touch. They want to meet her too. I think I'm the only one who's not ready for this. :) Ponky is also fantastic with kids, although she's only met 10 year olds so far. She keeps her claws in when playing (most of the time...) ;) And, when she's exhausted, she LOVES to curl up in our laps while we watch TV. She's completely tame, obviously, having been raised in a human household.

Ponky is the best of all words: Action Cat, plus Lap Cat!

The Deets (details on physical appearance, habits, etc.):

Ponky is a six or seven week old domestic shorthair tortoiseshell female cat with golden-greenish eyes. She's got huge ears, which are adorable. :) She's tested negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids. She did have earmites, but Dr. Love treated them with Revolution wormer and topical Ivermectin. Other than that, she's a healthy, happy approximately three pound kitten.

She's a weird eater -- only wants the wet food. Hasn't really touched the dry. She also loves babyfood (meat - turkey, ham, beef, lamb, chicken, but what cat doesn't?) She's fastidious about using the litterbox too.

Click each image for a much larger size picture. Look at those eyes! Look at those ears! She gets 157 channels with those ears. :)

Ponky! Ponky resting ponky looking groggy ponky I can fit! Really! Okay...I can't.


Facebook Ponky Pictures:

Video is coming, but my camera's acting up. Wah.

One thing to know: Although she has been raised indoors and was only out on the street for what sounds like a matter of hours, her rabies exposure status is unknown. What are the odds she has rabies? Well, I don't know. Not very high at all, I expect, but not 0%. I'm so not-worried, I let my kid and her friends play with her, if that says anything. But, because we can't know for sure, that means that for the next six months, I need to stay in contact with you just to make sure she's okay. If she does die for any reason, it is really important that she be tested by the state vet for rabies. For this reason we need you to agree to keep Ponky as an indoor cat for at LEAST the next six months. She's basically in quarantine. You will need to sign a contract stating that you are aware of the risks, will get the cat to the state's vet if it shows any signs of rabies or dies in the first six months.

The Particulars:

The adoption fee is $150. That will cover spay and neuter for Ponky, as well as vet visits for shots.

We'll need you to give us information:

2. We require a vet reference (name, address, telephone number).

3. If you rent, we'll need your landlord's phone number, and a rent receipt or a copy of the lease.

4. We need a description of your house and family structure. Are there young kids in the house? Dogs? Other cats? Ponky would do well in a fun, active environment.

If you pass the interview, you can take the cats home (or we'll bring them to you -- this is preferable so I can do a site-check) before the spay-neuter. I can come over later and pick up the cats and take them to the vet for you. Yes, really! I need to make sure the shots and the fix gets done.

No one's profiting from this. Heck -- just look at the Vet Records for my last set of rescues. My rescue cats are not for "sale". I charge the fee to make sure little Ponky doesn't end up as dog-bait, or in some animal testing lab. I've already spent well over $100 on Ponky already. As any cat person knows...there's no such thing as a "Free Kitten", so we're not even going to go there. :)

So, think you're up for the challenge? Heck...kittens are easy. It's getting by their crazy-cat-lady keeper that's the real challenge. ;)

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