All these guys are adopted, but I've got the page up here for archival purposes. :)


Four 6 week old kittens were found by my friend and her kids, huddled around their deceased mother in a drainpipe. We took them in and are socializing them. They've had a really rough start to life, so we're looking for excellent forever homes for them. They're adorable, playful, but still a little shy. In my experience, tamed ferals tend to bond closely with one person and it can be a very deep and rewarding relationship. That's why I'd like to get these kittens into their new homes sooner rather than later, so they don't bond with me too much. (I don't want to "Bogart" the kitten love... :) )

"Tubby Jr"(Adopted) : (Dewey) Buff Mackerel Tabby Male - This is a big playful lug of a guy. He's still very shy, but will warm right up when you make a stick-toy dance for him.

"Sawyer" (Adopted) : Gray Mackerel Tabby Male - he's the shyest of the bunch, but loves to play. That brings him out of his shell. He's going to need the most work and love.

"Reesee" "Louise" (Adopted): There is one female calico/gray tabby (she's got really neat coloring). She's a cuddle bug with a big purr. (picture below, on right)

"Jack"(Adopted) Buff Classic Tabby Male - the loudest purrer I've heard in a long time, and cuddly. Alpha-cat personality...when he wants something, you'll know it!

Update (June 4, 2010): The kittens had their third vet visit on June 17 -- they're negative for worms, and just had their first second of distemper vaccines. The vet says they're all in really good health! She listened to their breathing for signs of the all-too-common upper respiratory viruses, and they were breathing nice and clear. They now all weigh about 3 pounds and...
They are ALL Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS Free!! :)

Vaccination Documents so far


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One thing to know about these cats: Their rabies exposure status is UNKNOWN. What are the odds they have rabies? Well, I don't know. Not very high, I expect, but not 0%. So, that means that for the next six months, I need to stay in contact with you just to make sure none of the kittens have died. If one of these kittens does die for any reason, it is really important that they be tested by the state vet for rabies. For this reason we need you to agree to keep the cats as indoor cats for the next six months. They're basically in quarantine. You will need to sign a contract stating that you are aware of the risks, will get the cat to the state's vet if it shows any signs of rabies or dies in the first six months.

The Particulars:

The adoption fee is $150. That will cover spay and neuter for each cat, as well as three vet visits for shots.

We'll need you to give us information:

1. We'd like the kittens to be placed in pairs unless there is another cat in the home. It is better for their socialization to have a feline playmate.

2. We require a vet reference (name, address, telephone number).

3. If you rent, we'll need your landlord's phone number, and a rent receipt or a copy of the lease.

4. We need a description of your house and family structure. Are there young kids in the house? Dogs? Other cats? Two of these cats are very loving and easy-going, but two may have issues in a house with a lot of boisterous kids.

If you pass the interview, you can take the cats home now (or we'll bring them to you -- this is preferable so I can do a site-check) before the spay-neuter. I can come over later and pick up the cats and take them to the vet for you. Yes, really! I need to make sure the shots and the fix gets done.

No one's profiting from this. Heck -- just look at the Vet Records. These cats are not for "sale". We're charging the fee to make sure they don't end up as dog-bait. I've already spent well over $150 on each of these cats already. As any cat person knows...there's no such thing as a "Free Kitten", so we're not even going to go there. :)

So, think you're up for the challenge? Heck...the kittens are easy. It's getting by their crazy-cat-lady keeper that's the real challenge. ;)

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