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These are independent web pages that include information or activities based around the Public Domain world of Dimar.

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Yahoo Groups

Calio Barryd - New! Calio Barryd is set 200 cycles (400yrs) after the landing of Humans and Arallans on Dimar.   It is ruled by a Triarch of a Dimar, Human, and Arallan.  

Calsida Barryd A roleplaying group set in Calsida approx 200 years after the events chronicled in Dee Dreslough's Lost Waters.

Telminka Barryd 'The Dimar-Announce List' - A social discussion board with very light RP; really more of a chat-club to talk about Dimar and get to know other Dimar fans.  This is where Dee tends to make Dimar related announcements and discuss the ideas of the world in an informal manner, so it's also considered the equivalent of a Dimar-Announce mailing list.  There are a lot on the list, and the discussion is often off-topic and fun.

Eka-Pace Barryd - an RP group that's brand new! "Eight hundred Cycles have passed since the Starborn Mulkai left Dimar. On a small island south of the Southern Twin Continent, a strange assembly occurs, unknown to the rest of the world. Five Warbreed Dimar and five Peacebreed Dimar meet in secret, putting aside their prejudices to better their society.
By cover of darkness, they finalize their great plan. Their stolen Pod, so vigilantly guarded over the Cycles, is planted. At long last, the ten Dimar's Barryd, a small haven of peace, tolerance and healing, is begun. The Barryd is named Eka-Pace. The ten Dimar founders study, work, and heal to maintain their refuge in their harsh new environment..."

World of Dimar - "This site is about The World of Dimar, that is created by Dee Dreslough. The wonderful world of dragons, sci-fi and fantasy!"

Ice Dragon's Realm - Not Dimar per-se, but has Dimar players and lots of pictures that Dimarians would like.

Message Boards

Lost Waters RP (EZBoard)

PC Games in Development

Dimar RPG Group at AvidGamers (Artists needed...!)

Mirror sites of the Lost Waters Novel
The's Dragon Page (German! :) )

Dee Dreslough's Gallery

Draco's Lair

Other Dimar Writing by Various Authors
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Multai - A Dimar short story by Ian Munro

Uncharted Territory: Novella - Leighton Gelling

The Gryphon Short Story by Dee Dreslough

The Clubhouse Short Story by Dee Dreslough

Play by Email Games
None yet that I know of, although I've heard about them forming...
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